Pamper Parties in Bristol

Whether you are celebrating a hen do, baby shower, catching up with friends or getting together with your NCT group, pamper parties in Bristol are a fab way of getting together, whilst indulging in a few treatments .. and possibly a couple glasses of prosecco!

NCT. If you have babies or children, it is a great opportunity to take advantage of trusted babysitters while you enjoy your well deserved treat, all in the comfort of you own home.

Minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 guests.
There is a 10% discount on each treatment.
£10 travel charge applicable. If over 10 miles this fee may be more.
Pamper packages are not included.

Pamper party treatments .. in the most popular order!
Back, neck, shoulder massage { 30m }
NSF Speedy facial { 30m }
Speedy pedicure { 30m }
Speedy manicure { 30m }

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